Loyalty Concept

mySafety Group business opportunities as value added service, creating loyalty for our partner's customers.

mySafety Group operates in the Scandinavian and Central & East European market offering personal safety services both directly to individual consumer and indirectly to customers via partnerships with companies that have a wide base of individual customers, such as banks, retailers, insurance companies, travel agents, telecoms. 

mySafety Group's strength comes from ability to develop, support and sell white labelled products that appeal to today’s busy, safety sensitive consumers. The company has a proven track record of enhancing relationship between partners and their customers, increasing customer satisfaction and above all - increasing the both loyalty and profitability for the existing customers.

Key partner benefits are:
Increase customer satisfaction and loyalty by offering the partner's customers a wide package of products and services the customers focus turn from price to value. The products and services on offer focus on security and lifestyle enhancing solutions. These types of products are becoming more and more essential and valuable to the sophisticated modern consumer.

Increased customer retention - Retention rates increase as customers feel a greater value is offered from the existing brand or product bundle. By widening the customer offer it also becomes harder for the customer to move to a competitor where a similar offer is not available.

No drain on existing organisational resources - mySafety does all the work and offers full service capabilities. This means that there is no drain on the organisational resources of the client. 

Contact for inquiries regarding Partner Loyalty concepts and programs

Nordic region:
Per Anders Prabert

Central Eastern Europe region:
Maciej Poniatowicz