New cooperation between BiiSafe and mySafety Group

BiiSafe and mySafety Group are joining forces and starting a cooperation pilot, with the aim to simplify everyday life for customers in mySafety’s Eastern European markets.

BiiSafe, a Finnish company, offers highly versatile and advanced IoT wearables to improve safety and well-being of both individuals and organizations. The Company’s vision is to combine its products, software and service platform into a seamless global package.

mySafety Group operates in the Scandinavian and Central & East European markets, providing safety solutions and insurances for people and businesses. With millions of customers, and being a leading blocking service and insurance provider for all personal valuables that are constantly at risk, mySafety is continuously looking for new ways to bring a sense of peace of mind to their customers.

”We are all about everyday security and your personal safety is our focus”, says Daniel Elfvendahl, CEO of mySafety Group. ”Our common vision of bringing more safety into the everyday life of consumers, makes BiiSafe an ideal partner. With the BiiSafe safety platform, mySafety is in the position to further develop our product service offering in a new direction”, continues Elfvendahl.

”Our IoT wearables are built to exceed customer expectations”, says COO & Founder of BiiSafe Jouni Suutarinen. The New Generation BiiSafe Buddy, a mobile phone accessory, can for example be used to share a location and to send an alert. Buddy provides a high-class user experience with its awarded design and excellent technical features, such as 2 years battery life and advanced radio technology.

“Our new partnership with mySafety Group is a great opportunity to combine our strengths and reach a wide range of customers”, continues Suutarinen. “Our first joint customer is a teleoperator with millions of subscribers and thus the growth potential is huge.”

Contact persons:

Jouni Suutarinen, COO, BiiSafe Ltd, +358 40 158 0858

Daniel Elfvendahl, CEO mySafety Group AB +46 73 320 9445

BiiSafe in brief:
BiiSafe Ltd. is a Finnish company founded in 2011 that develops markets, manufactures and sells software, peripherals and service platforms related to security and wellness services. The Company's vision is to provide advanced and easy-to-implement products and services which enhance security and well-being of both individuals and organizations. BiiSafe creates a security and wellness service platform, which combines the Company's products and services into a globally working seamless and be easy-to-use package.

mySafety Group in brief:
mySafety Group AB is a leading international company group in the field of everyday safety and insurance services. The company was founded in Sweden in 1999. Today mySafety offers insurance and safety solutions for individuals and businesses in Sweden, Norway, Finland, Poland, Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and Belarus. mySafety develops innovative ways to secure personal property and provides 24/7 blocking service for payment cards, phones or other devices. As a forerunner in the development of new ID-protection insurance services, mySafety assists the customer and limits damages when frauds occur. The Company’s vision is to contribute to greater safety on a global scale.